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Meet The Chefs

Emerald Coast Private Chefs A.K.A. ECPC, is a mixture of talented chefs and chef students who take their God given talent seriously. Working together as independent contractors on a large team benefits the customer like no other chef service on the Emerald Coast. Follow us on social media and get to know all the chefs on our team.


Tel: 850-346-3314  |  Email: emeraldcoastprivatechefs@gmail.com




9 course meal that’s bold on taste, light on calories



You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu

Wine Tasting 

A variety of exotic wines paired with 7 fresh tapas

Farm to Table

A Sneak Peak of the
New Spring 2021 Menu

Peas with Mint

Grilled Corn with Smoked Herb Salt

Falafel & Spicey Tomatoes on Whole Wheat Flatbread

Primavera Brown Rice

Farmer’s Market Quinoa Salad

Sparkling Wine with Ginger Ale and Cherries


Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

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Cameron, USNavy Pearl City, Hawaii

At Your Service

Tel: 850-346-3314 |  Email: emeraldcoastprivatechefs@gmail.com

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