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The words 'Deep-South Cuisine' are often misunderstood. Not to be confused with Cajun or Creole, which is strictly Louisiana, Deep South Cuisine is instead the product of the whole Southern culture, with hospitality and soul food. In writing this book, it is my intention to define Deep-South cooking as a regional cuisine and dispense with the cliche, that everything in the Deep-South is fried. Well, there is a good bit of that, but there is so much more, as you are about to discover. First of all, the Deep-South consists of those states below the Mason Dixon line with the exception of Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Louisiana is a culinary world of its own, different from anywhere else on Earth. Texas is Southwestern style all the way, and Florida is as far away from Deep-South Cuisine as Canada. Secondly, Deep-South cooking is deeply rooted in long-practiced traditions, and is as much a part of the culture of the region as wine is to France. A descendent of share cropping settlers and Cherokee blood, I grew up in the Deep- South living on a diet of fried green tomatoes, black eye peas, turnip greens, grits, corn bread, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, just picked peaches made into cobbler, and I'll never forget the homemade ice cream. I want to give you the reader, a chance to escape into my world, the Deep-South. Although it is a subject that covers many different styles and cultures, mission is simple; to teach Deep-South cooking using my experience as a chef , and give you a unique insight into producing creative meals for your family and friends. Y'all enjoy!

Cooking in the Deep-South by Sir Robert "Chef Bob" Vaningan

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